How to Install Any Software without Admin Rights in Windows 10

If you are a standard user on a Windows 10 PC, you might have encountered the problem of not being able to install software without admin rights. This can be frustrating if you want to use some applications that are not approved by the administrator or if you don’t have access to the admin password. However, there is a way to bypass this restriction and install software without admin rights in Windows 10. In this article, we will show you how to do it using a simple trick with a batch file.

install any software without admin rights in Windows 10

Create a Batch File to Install Software Without Admin Rights?

A batch file is a text file with commands the command prompt may perform. Batch files automate processes, open programs, and more. Any text editor like Notepad may produce a.bat batch file.

What You Need

To install software without admin rights on Windows 10, you will need the following:

  1. The software installer that you want to install on your PC. You can download it from the official website of the software or any other trusted source. For example, if you want to install Steam, you can download the SteamSetup.exe file from
  2. A text editor such as Notepad or WordPad. You can find them in the Start menu under Windows Accessories.
  3. A folder on your desktop where you will store the software installer and a batch file that will run it.

To create a batch file that can install software without admin rights, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the software installer that you want to install on your PC.
  2. Create a new folder on your desktop and name it anything you want. For example, you can name it Steam.
  3. Drag and drop the software installer into the folder you just created.
  4. Right-click inside the folder and select New > Text Document.
  5. Open the text document and type the following code:
    set __COMPAT_LAYER=RunAsInvoker
    start SteamSetup
  6. Replace SteamSetup with the exact name of the software installer that you want to run, including the file extension. For example, if you want to install Skype, you would type start SkypeSetup.exe.
  7. Click on File > Save As and change the file name to anything you want, but make sure to add .bat at the end. For example, you can name it Steam.bat. Also, change the encoding to ANSI from the drop-down menu at the bottom.
  8. Click on Save and close the text document.
  9. Double-clicking the batch file you just ready starts the program installation without admin access.
  10. Install as normal by following screen instructions.

How Does This Trick Work?

This trick works by using a special environment variable called __COMPAT_LAYER. This variable can be used to set compatibility modes for applications, such as Run as administrator, Run in 256 colors, Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution, etc. By setting this variable to RunAsInvoker, we are telling Windows to run the software installer with the same privileges as the parent process, which is the batch file. Since the batch file does not require admin rights, neither does the software installer.

What are the Limitations of This Trick?

This trick is not a universal solution for installing software without admin rights in Windows 10. It only works for non-admin apps like Steam, Skype, VLC, etc. Antivirus, drivers, system updates, and other admin-required applications won't operate. Also, this trick does not give you admin rights on your PC. You will still need admin rights to modify system settings, access protected files and folders, or perform other administrative tasks.

Tips and Warnings

  1. Software that requires system-level modifications, access to protected files, or registry keys may not operate with this strategy. In such cases, you will need to contact your administrator or use another PC with admin rights.
  2. Do not use this method to install software that is inappropriate or banned by your administrator or organization. Doing so might lead to unfavorable.
  3. The batch file you made contains personal information about your computer and software, so keep it to yourself.

How to Allow Users to Install Software Without Admin Rights in Windows 10?

If you're a Windows 10 administrator and want to let regular users install applications without admin permissions, change their account type to administrator. They may install any program and control the PC this way. They can make system changes that harm performance or stability, which is a security concern. Steps to make a normal user account an administrator:

  • Open the Settings app by pressing Windows + I keys.
  • Click on Accounts and then Family & other users.
  • Select the standard user account that you want to change and click on Change account type.
  • OK after selecting Administrator.
  • Restart the PC to apply changes.

You can also use PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager to let Windows 10 users install apps without admin access. This tool lets you create policies that grant users temporary or permanent elevation privileges for specific applications or tasks. This way, you can maintain security and control over your PC while giving users flexibility and convenience.

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Installing software without admin rights in Windows 10 can be challenging but not impossible. You can use a batch file trick to install some software that does not require admin rights for installation. However, not all programs will benefit from this solution. Administrators have the option of providing regular users administrative privileges in Windows 10 by changing their account type or by employing a third-party solution. However, you need to be careful of possible security risks.