Community Guidelines

Read out accepted and rejected content guidlines:

Accepted Content

  1. Write SEO Friendly content with proper keyword research.
  2. Minimum 600 words for posts and 300 words for answers.
  3. Write 100% unique and not copy from anywhere on the internet.
  4. We Don't Allow AI Generated Content.
  5. Use short paragraphs (2 to 3 lines), sub-sections, bullet points, and additional.
  6. At least 1 image based on context (Rename with Keyword Before Upload).
  7. Remove Grammar Mistake.
  8. You can write on any niche you want, that is, Education, Travel, Food, Technical, Law, etc.
  9. Include At least 1 Internal link.
  10. Share your content on social media.

The more posts and answers you write and perform activity on Followria, the more you rank and get more engagement.

Rejected Content - If we found Any Violation Provided Below:

We do not allow: Hateful Behavior, Violent Extremism, Promotion of Illegal Activity and Regulated Goods, Incitement of Violence, Fraudulent Behavior, Promotion of Suicide, Self-harm, and Eating Disorders, Harassment and Bullying, Endangering Minors, False or Misleading Content, Promotion of Activity that Undermines Fair Elections, Nudity or Sexual Content, Intellectual Property Violations, Privacy Violations, Spam, Malware, Links to malware, viruses, Hacked - Cracked Software or other harmful software, MOD APK, Adult content, Alcohol and Tobacco, strictly not allowed Copyrighted or AI Generated Content, Dating apps, High-risk finance, Politics, Religion, Unappealing images or any type of illegal content is not accepted. This type of content will be deleted and you will get banned.

Writing Tips

  1. Make sure to do keyword research before writing a post.
  2. Post title is clear, complete, and concise (preferably no more than 20 words).
  3. Post title is in title or sentence case, and avoids overuse of emoji, all caps, or other typographical emphasis.
  4. All images/photos in post is directly related to the content (Not Copyrighted).
  5. Share your posts on social media.
  6. Make sure to write posts and do other activity on daily basis to get more ranking and engagement on Followria as well as on Google.

Why Are My Articles Demonetized?

We will demonetize any of your articles that are against Google's policy. If your article is copyrighted or written by AI, we will demonetize it. Please write unique and authentic articles.

How to Get Paid?

When you have at least one dollar, you can withdraw your money to your Easypaisa (For Pakistan), FaucetPay Bitcoin wallet or cashmal exchange. More payment methods will be added very soon.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us.