The Poke button on Facebook app or website is not easy to find, as Facebook has removed it from its main features. However, you can still access it by following these steps:

On the Facebook app, tap the Search button at the top and type Pokes. Then, tap the Pokes button that reads “Poke your friends and see who has poked you.” Alternatively, you can also tap the Menu button (the three horizontal lines) at the bottom right corner of the app, scroll down and tap See More, and then tap Pokes.

On the Facebook website, enter “poke” in the search box of the site or click directly on the URL for the page:

Poke Button on Facebook.PNG

On the Poke page, you will see a list of people who have poked you recently and a list of people you can poke. To poke someone, tap or click the blue Poke button next to their name. To poke someone back, tap or click the Poke Back button. You can only poke someone who is your friend or a friend of a friend on Facebook. You cannot poke someone who has blocked you or who you have blocked. You can also only poke someone once until they poke you back or remove your poke.

Where is Poke Option in Facebook

The Poke Option in Facebook app or website is available on the Search Page. Just type "Poke" in the Facebook's Search box and hit the "Enter" button. After that you will see a Poke button with a list of peoples who have poked you recently and a list of people you can poke.