The absence of a direct monetary reward for increasing viewership can be attributed to several factors.
Firstly, platforms often prioritize organic growth and genuine audience engagement over artificially inflated numbers. Monetary incentives for adding viewers could encourage unethical practices like buying fake views, which undermines the integrity of the platform.

Secondly, the focus on quality content and audience interaction is crucial for long-term success. Monetarily rewarding viewership increases might shift the creators' attention away from creating valuable and engaging content to merely seeking higher numbers.

Moreover, platforms typically employ algorithms that assess user behavior and content quality. Artificially boosting viewership might lead to a skewed representation of a creator's actual reach and impact, potentially affecting recommendations and overall user experience.

In contrast, platforms often provide creators with monetization opportunities based on genuine audience engagement, such as ad revenue, sponsorships, or direct support from viewers. These models encourage creators to build authentic relationships with their audience and prioritize content quality, fostering a healthier and more sustainable creator-viewer ecosystem.