NetSpeedMonitor, is a highly recommended free software that show your upload and download internet speed on the Windows 10 taskbar in real time. It must be installed in compatibility mode for an older version of Windows. Then, activate it on your taskbar and pick the appropriate network interface. You may also change the parameters to suit your needs.

Use Task Manager or Network Speed Test or DU Meter, if NetSpeedMonitor does not work for you or if you wish to explore alternative possibilities. A built-in tool called Task Manager displays your network consumption and speed on a graph. Using a free program called Network Speed Test, you can determine your internet speed and latency by connecting to different servers. DU Meter is a paid software that can show your internet speed on the taskbar as well as in a floating window or a desktop gadget. It can also generate detailed reports and alerts about your network activity and bandwidth usage.

I hope this answer helps you how to use NetSpeedMonitor or other programs to display your internet speed on the Windows 10 taskbar.