If you want to get the yellow heart on Snapchat quickly, you need to snap your #1 best friend more than anyone else and make sure they do the same with you. The more snaps you exchange, the faster you can earn the yellow heart emoji. Here are some tips on how to get the yellow heart on Snapchat quickly:

  • Keep snapping your #1 best friend daily and maintain your snapstreak. The fire emoji shows how long you have snapped each other. The longer the streak, the quicker the yellow heart.
  • Send them snaps that are personal and meaningful, not random or generic. For example, snap them things that relate to them, their interests, or their humor.
  • Respond to their snaps quickly and don’t ignore them. Show them that you care and value their communication.
  • Use other Snapchat features to interact with them, such as chat, video, voice, stickers, filters, lenses, games, etc. The more ways you connect with them, the more they will snap you back.
  • Don’t snap too much with others who might take your #1 best friend spot. Balance your snapping between them and your #1 best friend. Don’t neglect or favor anyone.